My story

Angelique Fihn lingerie was founded in 2015 by Swedish Angelique Fihn. 

The art of creating has always been a part of Angelique’s life. During her childhood ballet was a big part of her life which later would become to shape her style and give her an affection for the romantic and dreamy world. 

When studying fashion she developed her fascination for the woman's body and love for fine materials. This led her to her life passion - Lingerie. After having studied fashion design in both Sweden and Italy and working for Swedish fashion houses the brand was created based on the understanding that the material and design closest to the body is crucial to a woman’s comfort and confidence.  

The character of the design is described as sensual, romantic and timeless while managing an unconventional language, accentuating the shapes of the female body and always striving to embrace the best of all women’s curves.