My mission is to create pieces where sensuality meets comfort, where quality and sustainability is never put aside and where your lingerie becomes the heart of your clothing.

Timeless and sensual design

The design is timeless and exquisite with great attention to details. With inspiration from the shapes of the female body, I focus on finding interesting cuts that highlights women's curves. 

High quality fabrics and tailoring

With a huge passion for fine materials they are carefully selected to match my values of fitting and design. All my pieces are designed and developed in my atelier in Gothenburg and made of French leavers lace and Crepe de chine silk. 


By choosing my fabrics carefully and creating high quality lingerie that is fairly produced in Estonia my  is that all my lingerie will get a long life span.

By being transparent I wish to create awareness towards the hard work and craftsmanship that is put into the garments we carry.

I work hard to minimize any spill and waste in my production and encourage all my customers to take good care of the garments and to wear them with love.